Every day of the week a different program for both Gyula visitors. In fact one day to three or more of the available brightness choose unatkozók.A package offers cultural, gastronomic, leisure, sport and entertainment, musical evenings encompass mainly involving gyulaiszolgáltatók. ‘s Trying to push the self-determination of the higher range, you can find great differences between start-up package, but offer ésváltozni will keep growing as Gyula entertained all day! Tickets are spreading primarily through the Tourist Information offices, and the locations is done, but we want to make it as pleasant as possible organization of Önüdülésének, so the program forward at the hotel.
You can browse through the color schemes for the city’s website: (events, standard programs)

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Frequenters or min. 7 nights discount, last year’s prices:

Pre-season:      3.200.- Ft/ principal/night.

season:                  3.800.- Ft/principal/night.